Breathe & Be Incense was created from a pure love and obsession of all things incense.

Over the years friends & family have always commented about the natural fragrances I’ve burnt in my home. I started to research the history of incense and make them myself, as a qualified Holistic Aromatherapist I love playing about with essential oils and botanicals to create different blends. I’d regularly give the incense to yoga & meditation spaces and the feedback was overwhelming. I was always asked ‘where can I buy them?’ and this was the humble start of Breathe & Be Incense.

Breathe & Be Incense uses only natural ingredients. Respecting nature, the ancient art and traditional methods of old, our blends are lovingly hand-rolled in Old Delhi, Northern India, where we work closely alongside an independent, small, ethical business and at our sister studio here in the UK, where we create our unique blends for your home, yoga and meditation space. We’ve also recently added Japanese and Tibetan Incense Sticks to our Range.


A zero waste company leaving nothing but good aroma. All packaging is recyclable, biodegradable and compostable, using only vegan dyes and glues.


Well Being Through Plant Based Incense.

Through our workshops and education revive the knowledge of ancient traditions/blends and spread the love, passion, curiosity for the powerful medicinal benefits of Incense.


Our Vision at Breathe & Be Incense is to open our first Store in the UK by 2019. To truly value every staff member with good rates of pay, having a joyful, meaningful, supportive working environment, where everyone makes a difference to the team and each and every Customer that walks into the Store.

Continue to enrol our Incense Making Workshops Worldwide. Expand our Workshops into varied topics/fields.

Spread the message about the benefits of Medicinal Plant Based Incense.

And last but by no means least grow as an Ethical, Forward Thinking Global Brand.


Incense, Nature Nurturing the Soul.