Aromatise and enhance the ambience of your space with our custom blended Incense Sets. The perfect introduction to incense, for on the go, travelling, handbag & pocket size. A gentle reminder to connect to the breathe wherever you may be.

Our Incense Sets come in three fragrances, Grounding (Sandalwood), Flowing (Lavender) and Being (Patchouli). They come in a robust silver tin with a sliding lid and contain 20 Japanese Incense Sticks, each one creating 20 minutes of smooth aromatic burning time. There's a bundle of white tipped matchsticks with a match striker attached to the top of the tin along with a commissioned white ceramic incense holder by the Artist Alex Higlett.

Breathe & Be Incense use only the purest botanicals and natural ingredients, with a blend of undiluted essential oils, resin, woods, herbs and spices. Which also makes them non-toxic, chemical free, 100% natural, vegan, with no animal extracts or artificial fragrances used.

Our packaging is recyclable, biodegradable and compostable, using only vegan dyes and glues.


Tin: Length 19cm, Width 10cm, Heights 4cm

Incense: Length 9cm

Incense Holder: Circumference 10cm

Matchsticks: Length 9cm

Please Note: To comply with national and international regulations governing the carriage of mail, and ensure that mail in transport does not present a danger to the general public we are restricted or prohibited to ship our matchsticks included in the tin overseas.